What NOT to Do at a PCYP Networking Event

What NOT to Do at a PCYP Networking Event

Never been to a PCYP networking event before and want to ace your first time? Follow this list of 8 things NOT to do and you’ll be smooth sailing.


1. Forget your business cards

You’ll want these on hand to leave with anyone you meet that you make a connection with! Don’t have business cards? That’s OK, just send them a request to connect on LinkedIn.


2. Just run around blindly handing out business cards

The goal is not to give away/collect as many business cards as possible – it’s to make true connections with people who are like-minded individuals who you have the potential to learn from. On the same token, you don’t want to only focus on what other people can do for you – be sure to keep in mind how you can bring value to others!


3. Fail to introduce yourself to PCYP Ambassadors and Members

The PCYP Ambassadors are there to welcome you, as well as help introduce you to other members of the PCYP community! Look for their silver name tags and be sure to say hello. Let them know what you do and why you’re here – especially if there are specific connections you’re looking to make.


4. Don’t enter the raffle

Why miss out on the chance to win free stuff? We offer killer prizes at every event, so drop your card off in the raffle bucket when you check-in (and if you’re a member, don’t forget the special “Members Only Raffle” bucket, too!)


5. Talk during the announcements

At around 6:30 pm at each monthly networking event, we set aside a few minutes to thank our host and sponsor, introduce our featured non-profit and pull our raffle winners. Our events range from 120 – 200 attendees, so it’s important that the side chatter is kept to a minimum during this time!


6. Ignore the sponsor and non-profit tables

You’re likely to see tables or set-ups from the event’s featured host, sponsor and non-profit. Take a moment to stop by, speak with the representatives and learn more about what they have to offer.


7. Miss the boat on discovering what the host has to offer at their establishment

Our networking events are held at a variety of establishments all over the Greater Wilmington area. If you’ve never visited this particular business before, it’s the perfect time to check it out and learn more about what makes it a great place to return to in the future.


8. Only come to one event

This is true of all networking events – you get out what you put in, and 90% of it is just showing up! The more regularly you attend these events, the more people you will connect with and the stronger your bond with the community will become.

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