Facebook Group Etiquette and Best Practices

Facebook Group Etiquette and Best Practices

Have you joined the FREE PCYP Facebook Group, yet? If not, JOIN HERE TODAY!


Engaging in the Facebook group is a great way to stay updated on PCYP and community events, volunteer opportunities, and job openings, as well as connect with other professionals. Each week, you’ll learn about new members added to the group and have opportunities to comment on posts to engage and get to know others in the group. You’ll even have the chance to win some prizes in our monthly Members Only contests!


Make sure to enable group notifications on the group page, as seen below, so you don’t miss out on our latest events and updates!



The purpose of this group is to allow members and non-members to connect and network. To keep our group informative, light, and beneficial for everyone, we have a few guidelines for posts.


Group members are invited to post and share the following:


– Job and internship opportunities
– Networking events
– Volunteer and non-profit events
– Requests for recommendations (i.e. ‘I’m looking for a realtor. Who do you recommend?” and “What’s best place to take clients to dinner downtown?”)


Please do not post blatant self-promotion or items for sale. Violations result in being removed from the group. We also ask that you please do not send any unsolicited Facebook self-promotional messages to other members. Reaching out to other members to network is welcomed, but not to “blast” your service. If you receive an unsolicited Facebook message, please let an admin in the group know and we will remove the violator.


We look forward to seeing you in our group page! Thank you for being a part of PCYP!

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